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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Saving Susan Sarandon

Academy Award winning Actress, Susan Sarandon has recently been arrested again for protesting and obstructing the entrance of a federal building.  It is becoming a consistent theme in the life of celebrity social justice warrior.  Miss Sarandon, along with over 500 other liberal opponents to President Donald Trump's immigration policy were taken into custody at the Philip A. Hart Senate Building in Washington, D.C.  demonstrating their dislike for "zero tolerance."  Their leaders vowed to continue fighting and resisting the terrible Trump.

Inquiring minds would like to know if the protest helped their cause?  We should also like to know the standard by which the help to their cause is measured.

There are Trump haters who care only about his removal form office and it is often hard to distinguish opponents to Trump's immigration policy with unhinged Trump haters.  When a particular issue is bogus, all Trump opponents to such an issue appear to be creatively bankrupt or mentally unhinged.  The Trump immigration policy is a bogus issue.

First, Donald Trump inherited illegal immigrant border crossing protocol for the most part that has been in place through at least three other presidents.  Second, Trump signed an executive order changing that protocol that now keeps families closer together.  Finally, the southern border invasion was a planned and coordinated event by the left for the sole purpose of undermining the Trump presidency.  It is no different from Russia collusion, facilitated school massacres, or Stormy Daniels all failing.  It also conveniently takes mainstream media focus away from liberal angels; Obama, Hillary, Comey, McCabe, and just an endless list of corruption.

Anyone participating in protests regarding the southern border invasion is either a part of the staged event like Laura Bush and Michelle Obama or some level of ignoramus easily gullible.  It saddens me that Susan Sarandon is so easily gullible and I pray she will find enlightenment and redemption soon.

For the world is shallow and I have touched the cosmic spark.  A creative mind can do more than simply obstruct the innocent.

Susan Sarandon among 575 arrested at Trump immigration protest

Actress Susan Sarandon among hundreds arrested at Trump immigration rally

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Friday, June 1, 2018

Twitter Reveals Hypocrisy Crisis

Domestic goddess, Roseanne Barr contemplates a wrongful termination lawsuit against ABC for unceremoniously canceling her hit TV show.  Roseanne is charged with making a racist late-night tweet against Valerie Jarret, an Obama administrator.  Comedy legends cross the line all the time.  Tip-toeing the line is one reason comics become legends.  Based on trending tweets setting Twitter on fire, it appears Roseanne would have an excellent case against liberal network ABC which has connections to George Soros and Susan Rice.

Financially, Roseanne does not need the reboot of her beloved program.  She can retire tomorrow and her career remains solid as a comic legend.  Calling her a racist is what liberals do and if she were a racist, we would have known about it long before now.  They called President Donald Trump a racist desperate to prevent his presidency.  That strategy backfired and Trump is beloved.  Now, liberal Nazi-like strategy is backfiring with Roseanne as she achieves Sainthood. Roseanne does not need her canceled show.  America needs Roseanne.

The Democrat machine and their mainstream media care only about their personal comforts to the detriment of America.  As long as their enemies are demonized and they get their way, they do not care at all about destroying the nation.  Such tactics were used successfully by the Nazis.  One gets the notion that many liberals would rather see America destroyed rather than the booming economy produced by Donald Trump.  It bespeaks of a bankrupt ideology more corrupt than cogent.  

Struggling mightily against the future only hastens liberal descent into the quicksand of their own ideology and repercussions thereof.  Here we would call that cosmic justice.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Overcoming Toy Soldiers

Will Smith, promoting pretense and glorified violence

One brilliant celebrity after another feels driven to proclaim their pretentious brilliance to the world hoping against hope to reverse a U.S. Presidential election. It is an epic collective cultural meltdown of liberal ideology come to life. Hypocrites, sexual predators, satanic pedos, and facilitators thereof are the last people we want to hear from after 8 years of the junior varsity president. Facts, not opinions state he was easily the most corrupt president in our history and the most incompetent.  And, to think the media can continue to cover-up matters is insane.

Certainly, in most cases it is the awful mainstream media going to these celebrities and encouraging them to tow the line like zombies. And, still they come like spiritually grotesque toy soldiers one by one wishing to spread vile virus through the nation. America rebounds under the leadership of President Donald Trump and even though his success is good for America, liberals would rather see him and America fail.  Liberals wish to pull Trump down to the level of their leaders but that would be impossible.

How does Black America recover from the myriad of ignoramuses inspired by the president of voter fraud?  How do we recover from his dreadful legacy?  Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Susan Rice, and the list goes on as Black America has been devastated by liberal incompetence and corruption climaxing under potus44.

Mr. Obama used the agencies, and the awesome power of the federal government, against his political enemies. He used the power of the state against those he didn’t like. This was full-on banana republic dictator kind of stuff. 
-L. Todd Wood, Washington Times

When we add terror threats that Black Americans now live under not to show any love for Trump, Obama gashed a deep wound in the soul of America that may take a few hundred years to heal.  

Letting go of status-quo programming must be like giving up that last hit of crack cocaine.  Get on the spiritual path leading to a bright limitless future.  We must overcome.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Four Words Destroy Democrats

Dragon Energy Breathes Fire
It appears easy these days to trigger a liberal Democrat into fits of rage with just a few words.  There can be no light at the end of the tunnel for Democrats as their habit of sweeping serious criminal and other issues under the rug leaves a bad taste in the consciousness of America.  Mainstream media has been very good at covering for liberal failures, corruption, and depravity but that is changing more by the day exposing a progressive ideology perverting the nation.

Be careful not to mention any of the following words in the presence of liberal sensibilities;

1) Corruption;

Corruption follows Socialism like lions hunt sheep.  We may describe it briefly as robbing Peter to pay Paul and any other pet project thought of by some bureaucrat.  Democrats do little more than promise free stuff in exchange for continued worship.  Robbing and taking from citizens to pay for depravity breeds depravity and a culture of robbing and taking.

Murder appears the way Democrats do business as only four men are listed here courtesy of @USFreedomArmy.  When one further investigates murders around Bill and Hillary Clinton, we see a list of assassinations dark and brazen.  Liberal media can no longer protect the glaringly obvious and America has become sickened by what Democrats have come to represent.

Shall we discuss mass murders in America?  Yup.  Most are committed by liberals.

2) History;

Abraham Lincoln was an anti-slavery Republican.  Malcom X called blacks "political chumps' for voting 80% Democrat in 1964.  Why do so many African-Americans continue to support vile Democrats?  A good job of brainwashing might be one clue.  Why do most black supporters of political slavery and corruption appear to be celebrities of dubious intellect?  We have intelligent peaceful black role models in America but the mainstream media only shows us the ignoramuses.  As their puppet masters encourage them to disparage Trump, Karma slaps them upside the head again and again.  History paints a diabolical and incompetent portrait of Democrat politics around America in major cesspool cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, and New York City.  The mainstream media can no longer protect liberals and their sorted history.

Bankrupt and desperate, liberals have put out terror threats against any African-American who shows an inkling of love for the terrible Trump.  Intimidation, censorship, virtue-shaming, blocking traffic, disrupting events via paid thugs, and violence were hallmarks of Nazis.  
The more they struggle to keep their head above drowning in sewage they created, the more they sink to their inevitable end.  Barack Obama gave us Hillary Clinton as the most corrupt Secretary of State imaginable.  Obama inspired a nation against Democrats and the inspiration keeps on giving.

3) Socialism;  

Liberal ideology, the ideology that dreamed up participation awards and being non-judgmental, devastates the intellect. Since there really is no philosophy behind the Democrats other than tenets of Socialism, what transpires as actions of their children go from deliriously funny to dementedly perverted.

Exactly one year after the election of President Donald J. Trump, liberals gathered by the thousands around the country to mark the glorious anniversary by screaming into the night sky. Probably cheaper than hiring a therapist, we believe it was an exercise in futility as liberal children continue to stage protests against anything and everything they do not like. Liberals are excellent at blocking traffic and obstructing the innocent. Like their leaders, liberal children are short on actual ideas or solutions to anything.

We make fun of liberals calling them libtards and snowflakes and such but it really does appear that liberalism is an awful mental disease and thanks to their leaders and guiding light mainstream media, we are witnessing a simultaneous mental breakdown of an entire culture. Unable to understand emotions that drive them, how can they ever find a happy ending?

4) Magick;

    When this journey began, it was a bit scary all this power at the disposal of a spiritual newborn. Mystics will tell you we have great power in our words alone. Ancient mystics believed greatest power would be found in the written word. Perhaps that is why great powers sent a Poet to write a new ending to what was a dark spiral into depravity and extinction. Change the government. Save the world. Therefore, Democrats must be destroyed. That they are ruined by their own actions speaks to cosmic justice. Republicans to follow at the appropriate time.  

    Leo rising, elemental fire translates into dragon energy.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Hunting Black Panther

In order to form a more better union of states and their citizens in this great nation, I decided to become aware of certain merits of a new film doing rather well at the box office.  Black Panther currently sits in third place in box office receipts earning over $500,000 at the time of this writing.  Released almost two months ago, it is one of the few movies making a decent profit these days since celebrities turned into annoying social justice warriors.  Rather recent enlightenment and being black forces a paradox into this situation.  Also, I should want to watch the film so as not to be ignorant of contemporary culture.

Black Panther like Superman arrives to us from a mythical world and we like mythical worlds.  It gets boring here so flights of fantasy to places like Krypton and now Wakanda are often appreciated by us simple humans.  However, Krypton was another planet far, far away.  Wakanda resides on the continent of Africa hidden from the rest of the world by ancient technology.  While this presents a small obstacle to the premise and super hero character, it does not prevent one from enjoying the show.  

Most such fantasy movies require us to suspend cognition and I believe consumers are conditioned to the phenomena.  There is probably even a name or phrase for the dynamic I am not aware of like, jump the shark.  And, a little research on the matter indeed discovered the term, "Suspension of Disbelief."  Nobody believes Wolverine has a super metal infused in his bones but we suspend our imagination enough to enjoy the character.  We do not believe one women dressed like a banana could kill 88 sword-wielding Japanese gangsters alone but we still enjoy watching her.  We have to suspend imagination to believe in technology of Ironman and almost all other super heroes.

Probably should mention here how tough a critic I am so you may want to go see the film yourself.  Any who, there is nothing strategically bad about Black Panther.  Acting is decent to good and there are at least a few interesting characters.  However, I was offended by the idea and sight of bald women warriors.  We can thank Feminism for that; female brutes, killers, and blood-thirsty warriors.  Why should boys have all the fun and in the end, Black Panther is just another Hollywood movie glorifying violence.  I also found the lip mutilation as body-art offensive as well.

Give them credit for fiddling with the idea of empowering downtrodden African-Americans around the world within a plot twist, but the fact of the matter is that such an element could have been central to the plot and vastly more interesting than what was offered.  Violence, chase scenes, weird battles featuring a mix of spears and high-tech weapons, and an ending where the hero and protagonist wage one last fight is just more of the same.  What distinguishes the film from others is an almost 99% African-American cast.

Black Panther stars; Michael B. Jordan and Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther is a roaring success!  Saudia Arabia banned all movies from being shown in their country since circa 1982 and the Panther has changed all that.  It will be the first film screened in the royal dictatorship in over 35 years.  

Did I like it?  Not really but I am tough on movies and do not go often at all.  Is it good for African-Americans in some socially significant way?  Perhaps if it were made 20-40 years ago.  Hollywood pretense is of late becoming unbecoming.  Such movies do not make us smarter.  People are paying attention to celebrities and their pretentious products less and that can only be a good thing increasing the collective IQ of our entire nation.

Movie stars seem to be losing their luster.  We expect The Rock and Vin Diesel to run for public office any day now wanting to make America liberal again.  These are the super hero action stars of today; bald, brutish, muscle-bound social justice warriors wrapped in so much pretense one wonders how they have time to breathe.  Never mind how many kids are killed each year drag-racing mimicking their favorite action stars in their fast and furious cartoons.  Never mind that one of the stars of the film actually died drag-racing.  If I were a star of such a movie, I would go dig up a conscience somewhere and perhaps try doing different films that might even help humanity.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

"The whole point [of The Fast and the Furious] was to diversify Hollywood and in some ways change the face of Hollywood." -Vin Diesel, Forbes 2015

It is hard to like Black Panther with all the other dreadful movies and movie stars out there stinking up our world. Panther Director, Ryan Coogler delivered a film of excellent quality. However, the genre does not have a high bar as seen in films of action heroes already discussed. Jump the shark is a good phrase for describing Hollywood overall mentality and one wonders what they will show us next.  We can expect a sequel and we can only hope Panther producers and writers try to give us something new that does not kiss the butt of feminists or Hollywood politically-correct ideology.


Afrofuturist superhero movie Black Panther breaks new ground in more ways than one

Vin Diesel is theTop Grossing Actor of 2017

Black Panther Will Be the First Properly Screened Movie in Saudi Arabia in 35 Years

Thursday, March 1, 2018

America Getting Smarter

Kelly Bundy aka Christina Applegate; Presidential Dreams

You're like the pessimist, who looks at his pants and thinks they're half empty.  You should be more like the optometrist, who looks through his glasses and thinks they're half full. 
-Kelly Bundy, Married With Children

Lately we can almost see walls of the status-quo come crumbing down all around desperation.  Extraordinary light of a new future seems to render monsters hiding in plain sight visibly bold and suicidal.  It all leads to an enlightened populace moving away from ignorance perhaps towards more intellectual and spiritual endeavors. 

Celebrities from many fields have saw fit to step out of character long enough to tell America how the nation should be governed.  Banding together on plentiful soap boxes for the sole purpose of undermining a duly elected U.S. President, one would think America is doomed based on rants and raves emanating from the left.  What appears to be doomed is the hypnotic hold Hollywood once held over an oppressed populace.

America looks better all the time.  Unfortunately, prosperity under a popular GOP President shines an unkind light on well-meaning Democrats.  It looks especially bad when one compares current prosperity with 8 years of gloom, doom, and brazen corruption under liberal leadership.  Funny how the DNC goes bankrupt at the same time America faces a brighter tomorrow.

Call it the #TrumpEffect, Karma, or Warrior Words sprinkled into a magical Quantum Field, Leo Rising must be treated fairly or feel the wrath of mythic retribution.

“This is CNN.” Nothing sounds so authoritative as the voice of Darth Vader. When James Earl Jones lent (well, leased) his smooth baritone to the network, CNN was in its heyday. From Washington to Warsaw, there was a time when movers and shakers around the world always kept a TV tuned to CNN, even if only on mute. Once labeled, “The most trusted name in news,” CNN was the gold standard for real-time broadcast journalism. Those days now appear to be over.  

Do not expect incorrigible ignorance to come quietly into a future world where pretense is no longer king.  This was all foretold but seeing it happen, seeing America wake up and become aware, it brings a tear to weary eyes.  I have said it many times but to witness the age of ignorance come to an end in detail brings to mind evangelical pronouncements of rapture.  Though the journey has only just begun, it has not been without terrible tears and heartbreaking casualties.  They continue to expose themselves some funny, others sad, the best liberating.

CNN was once the leader in network news and now seems more known as the Clinton News Network.  They have lost thirty percent of their audience and the number keeps dropping.  See how they fall and watch Sean Hannity rise in the intellectual vacuum created by mainstream media pretense.  FOX is now number one for good reasons.

Meryl Streep took time between acting and accepting acting awards to slam the current U.S. President like no conservative has ever done.  Why does it appear conservatives are more dignified than liberals?  Be that as it may, ratings for celebrity award shows like the Oscars and Grammys have plummeted as America turned off Meryl.

Starbucks CEO laughed at a popular U.S. President and disrespected him in several ways publicly.  He also gave the finger to mainstream America embracing refugees as political strategy.  Months later, Howard Schulz would resign under backlash from very poor choices.  The coffee craze is still rather baffling here and promotes spiritual impotence.  Humanity will do well with a lot less caffeine.

While America was laughing at Twitter and watching YouTube videos, late night was slipping. Writing in the Transom, Ben Domenech of The Federalist points out that the late-night viewership of ABC, CBS, plus NBC this week barely broke 8 million viewers. Not long ago retired NBC funnyman Jay Leno was bringing in 6 million viewers all on his own.  
-Philip Wegmann, Washington Examiner
Comedians promoting ignorance are not so funny anymore.  Kathy Griffin is on suicide watch and Rosie O'Donnell seems to be hiding in a hole somewhere.  Will they ever learn?

We shall never forget the now infamous #WomensMarch and their keynote speaker staged near the White House after the 2016 inauguration.  Madonna tried later to clarify her inflammatory comments about "blowing up the White House" but damage had been done.  Soon after representing Feminism in all its glory, Madonna fled the country and now lives in Portugal.  I like to think she could still be a force for good someday.  You cannot change anything if you cannot even change your mind.

NFL players picked a bad time to be social justice warriors and lost one third of their viewers by some accounts.  Expect the numbers to keep falling for many reasons as their Divas think themselves to be more than just kneeling puppets.  We should trust their learned opinions because concussions are known to increase the intelligence quotient on TV.  Let us call it, The Three Stooges Factor.

Recently, FOX Host, Laura Ingraham baited NBA star, LeBron James with comments designed to get under his skin thereby raising her ratings.  Of course he took the bait and we are now left with a LeBron quote living in bizarro world pulp fiction history.  LeBron will not shut up when told to by Laura because, "My voice is too important to society."  Why does America deserve a high school graduate as cultural leader?  The hometown hero of Ohio apparently was not phased at all by his failure to get his home state to vote for Hillary Clinton.  If Ohio wouldn't listen to him, why should America?  Just because Hillary is incredibly corrupt does not mean LeBron will be also...  does it?  Who is telling LeBron about his importance to society?  LeBron brings up several questions never to be answered swirling around his career forevermore and I for one now find him hard to take seriously on the basketball court.  

Super Hero movie star, Jennifer Lawrence recently announced she would take a year off from acting to fix democracy.  One has to believe she is not a conservative.  Conservative women would not as custom confuse reality with pretense.  Why this brings to mind Darwin Awards, I should like to know?  Nevertheless, Miss Lawrence seems to represent splendidly how and why liberal Democrats went wrong imploding under the intellectually debilitating weight of their own ideology.  Only a super hero could save America in only one year just in time to resume her real job of saving the world for pretend in Hollywood.  We find out later that Miss Lawrence is also a high school drop-out.

Let us hold on to hope for some of these young people as they may have time for an event of enlightenment.  Until then, pretense as philosophy looks as it should without protection from a once trusted mainstream media.  America and the world becomes smarter by default.   May the force of reason be with you.

As a great Eastern religion says, it's all about striking a balance between the ping and the pong.   
-Kelly Bundy; Married With Children



Saturday, February 17, 2018

Of Kings and Fools

LeBron James wishes to be a political influence in America the way he helped Hillary Clinton almost win the 2016 presidential election.  Just because the state of Ohio was won during the election by Donald Trump should not reflect on the powerful influence LeBron wishes he could wield.  We know that liberal ideology teaches him to be anything he wishes to be including transgender, no gender, transgender unicorn, or proud ignoramus.

Just because LeBron James never went to college opting to enjoy fame and fortune as a sports star does not mean he is completely without intelligence.  Have you seen his many commercials?  We know it takes great intellect to be an actor or Hollywood celebrity.  Look at Jimmy Kimmel or Rosie O'Donnell.

Bill and Phil, Ex-Knicks 

While we can hope that the next sports superstar social justice warrior actually comes from a background of education, LeBron clearly can think out of the box.  It is wrong to compare him to someone like, Bill Bradley.  A scholastic All-American at Crystal City High School in Missouri circa 1964. Bradley enjoyed a college education as Rhodes Scholar after graduating from Princeton University with honors.  He also had time to lead his basketball team to 3 straight Ivy League Championships and a legendary college career before becoming an NBA Champion.  He may be a Democrat, but he ain't raving and ranting in self-absorbed incoherent videos.

Phil Jackson, aka The Zen Master, might have been a good mentor for someone like LeBron.  Of course, LeBron will call you a "racist" if you hurt his feelings or disagree with him.  It seems to be a standard practice of liberal Democrats to resort to name-calling as political strategy.  It has worked well for them up until Leo rising in the stars of Donald J. Trump.  Still may be time to apologize to the Zen Master and gain a bit of intellectual and spiritual respect, but current actions speaks of an unhinged psyche.

Some warm and friendly fans of LeBron remind me that he has donated over  40 million dollars to charities.  Like dribbling a basketball, the more you donate to charities increases your intelligence quotient substantially I guess.  LeBron will certainly be the next great philosopher and statesman like Harvard Hussein who is remembered for his hyper-ignorant junior varsity quotes that got plenty of Americans killed right here in America.  Others had their heads removed on live video thanks to Barack.  Could LeBron be worse than potus44?

Just because Hillary Clinton is charged with heinous crimes involving emailgate and unsavory liaisons with satanic pedophiles is no reason to believe LeBron James is guilty of the same.  Barack Obama may have been the most corrupt and incompetent U.S. President the world has ever seen but we should not associate such characteristics with LeBron.  He could become a great political leader like Sen. Bernie Sanders or Maxine Waters.

Call it what you will but I prefer to think it some type of conspiracy how Black America is bereft of intellectually gifted leaders. Well, we do have great leaders but the mainstream media seems only to give a venue to parasites and fools.  As America becomes great again, we most hope the parasites and fools find a way off our planet for the year 2023. 

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