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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Inspiring Champions

Eight years of abysmal mediocrity under the Obama administration and his legacy of empowered social justice warriors continues to poison the nation. Television ratings are down almost eight percent for the NFL after some players and misguided coaches decided to ignore patriotic customs concerning our national anthem.  It seems to represent liberal Democrat ideology eloquently as they continue to #obstruct #resist and protest anything remotely related to patriotism or President Donald Trump.

The NFLPA or Player’s Union has been discovered to be behind the anthem protests.  More investigation reveals their union giving nice donations to plenty of liberal Democrat groups with nefarious ties.  We know people were paid to disrupt Trump rallies during the primaries.  We know people were paid to stage protests.  Paid thugs libeling, slandering, and promoting intolerance, hate, and violence against a popular president simply make him stronger.  Deplorables just love him more and the NFPLA should look to keep their politics silent lest they reveal themselves as disingenuous ignoramuses.

If one is to believe the kneeling protesting obstructing players, their cause was like that of “Black Lives Matter.”  NFL millionaires and pampered divas decided to do something about the injustice of police brutality towards African Americans and protest the matter by not standing or showing up on the field for the national anthem.  Since the manner of protest copies the protest of ex-NFL Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, their protests beg several questions.

  1. Why didn’t the NFL divas protest during the Obama administration when Kaepernick started this fad?
  2. Why didn’t NFL divas protest the killing of Trayvon Martin also under the Obama administration?
  3. What took them so long to find a conscience since police brutality against black folks was big news in 1991 and Rodney King?
  4. Are anthem protesters aware Kaepernick said he would now stand during the anthem if given a job? How is their protest not now incredibly lame?
  5. Why have they suddenly changed their cause now threatening to continue protesting until Kaepernick is signed by an NFL club?
  6. Was their anthem protests about police brutality or Kaepernick?
  7. Why in the world would they think anyone is sympathetic to their deliriously disingenuous cause?
  8. Why is Black America continuously embarrassed by self-proclaimed and elected leaders?

One must wonder sometimes if there is some concerted effort to keep Black America down by facilitating incompetent and parasitic leaders.  Who are we to look to for inspiring role models?  Where are you General Colin Powell?  Is it not sad that we need role models?  One suspects the mainstream media to be involved if a conspiracy is out there.  What’s a Spiritual Warrior to do?

It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it. 
-Maurice Switzer

Defending NBA Champions Golden State Warriors will not be visiting The White House as is customary for such champions.  After the presidential election, millions upon millions of liberal Democrats de-friended their social network chums who proclaimed a smattering of liking for the terrible Trump.  Celebrities who vocalized love for Trump lost jobs and were blacklisted.  It all exemplifies Democrat sense of fairness, intolerance, and aversion for intellectual discussion. Stephen Curry, rather than keeping his political choices silent, refuses to visit the White House and therefore pledges allegiance with Liberal Democrats, Pussy Hats, Nasty Women, and eight years of the worst legacy of parasites and ignorance in American history. One wonders if his cute daughter wears a Pussy Hat and how Curry explains such liberal lunacy to her.

Professional sports like some other forms of entertainment are just that, another circus we attend for some type of enjoyment.  We would not ask the clowns in a circus for their opinions on politics.  We should not look to actors and athletes for anything but a few fleeting thrills and fits of laughter.  


Sunday, July 2, 2017

Chasing Liberals Under Scorpio Moon

At the highest level, Moon in Scorpio gives you the ability to transform your own and others lives. You can act as an agent for change, becoming a catalyst for greater growth and awareness. You can help others shift their psychological values. The potential power contained here is enormous.  

We call here for a special posse to ride through the gates of hell on special mission to recover the soul of America. These bodies were never meant to live forever. Many Warriors have lost precious life to expose monsters and a central evil controlling and destroying our world. Tears falling for such men and women cannot fall in vain. There is no amount of pretense the mainstream media and their puppet masters can conjure to unring the bell. A galloping future rides for masters of the status-quo and it cannot be stopped.

Reality seems lost upon the selfie-selfish generation. Are such children ill-prepared for a tomorrow that does not match television and movies? They should not bare all blame for being snowflakes and trolls suffering through spiritually impotent lives. After all, government had a big hand in stealing their souls on both sides of the political spectrum. 

You are likely to have a highly developed ability to sense the emotional undercurrents around you, and prefer dealing with the raw truth at any cost. You have a knack of pinpointing what you, and others, really want or need in a situation - which may be confronting -  but always brings the truth to light 
President Donald Trump assumes command of America blessed by mythic planets in our solar system aligned to bestow cosmic power under a superlative Scorpio Moon. While this does not make our president perfect, he is not a career parasite pandering in a gutter of human misery and corruption. Instead of falling to their knees proclaiming, "we're not worthy", Democrats cling to corruption inciting pity where they do not incite violence.

More monsters expose themselves every other day it seems and they appear not so strangely connected more often then not to Liberal Democrats. While conservative Republicans look better every day, government remains the central problem to all significant world problems. Therefore, the answer to saving humanity is a drastic change in government. An unpaved road to extinction solution and prescribed Matriarch Society accomplishing the job shall not be paved by women, but by men.
You are intrigued by what lies beneath the surface, and your desire to understand the inner most workings of people, governments, and the universe can result in an interest in psychology, espionage or the occult. Your keen perception, insight, and intuition make you appear to be psychic___and perhaps you are.  
--Planets in Signs, by Sky Alexander
We must look to the ancient past to move into a new future. In that ancient past, one does not suppose that the women got together and directed men to the notion of a Mother Goddess. Then and now men must take out the garbage creating a safe clean space where Matriarchs can rule. Reason-guided courage is needed now to inspire courage throughout the nation. Weeding out pretense today grows incredible freedom tomorrow. Where freedom begins, love never ends. Only love gets to touch other worlds living on higher intelligence. Osho doves and tree huggers only have a single piece of the puzzle. Science and government seem to carry disdain for universal laws.

NASA Scientists seem to love the planet, Jupiter.  Boys and girls from the space agency have sent two different space probes over the years to study the largest planet in our solar system. Juno, deep space probe recently discovered a new Jupiter Moon giving the great planet 67 named and unnamed satellites.  Scientists get bored easily and so now give newly discovered moons and planets numbers instead of names. Astrologers were not contacted for the tedious job of naming cosmic bodies though without Astrologers setting the table, Astronomers would be set back thousands of years.

The "Greater Benefic", Jupiter rules Sagittarius in the astrological world where Zodiacs turn like the days of our lives. This Roman God of Thunder is known as Zeus in Greek Mythology.  Jupiter is also known as The Law Giver. It seems only fitting that the Great Benefic should rule stardust powering this once reluctant Poet chosen to shed light on the road to Utopian Society.

Evolutionary changes in humanity can come quickly or slowly. Whether those changes come via information or driven by an event, all evolutionary change is cataclysmic. One supposes we should not be shocked at behavior of Liberals since this past presidential election knowing their world crumbles all around them. 

Spiritual Warriors and all people taking the spiritual journey of eternity know our world and realities are shifting.  Look to power in the stars joining a winning team on sacred journey to a new and better humanity. It only seems awkward at first. Try not to be bothered by growing pains.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.   
--Sagittarius with Scorpio Moon, Albert Einstein

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

African-American Leaders Unmasked

Rep. Maxine Waters, ex-pres Obama, and Rep. Elijah Cummings
Contemporary African-American political leaders fall from public grace one by one it seems lately. Whether the debilitating  ailments are physical, incompetence, or corruption scandal, the black community is running out of leaders. It begs a question; is the problem inherent in our race or the political system? My answer would encompass both choices adding color. 

Cannot really remember Republicans having such problems at least not rampant. Dr. Ben Carson currently holds the black American flag for Republicans and I would dare say he and people like Gen. Colin Powell have a different problem than Democrats. Republican Black Americans do not have the umbrella and shield of liberal media. I find it sad and a testament to the times that we have to go back almost 50 years to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X to find true black leaders of merit and integrity whether political or not. Perhaps their murders put all black leaders to follow in line. Being a great African-American leader is perhaps not tolerated.  

Powers shutting out bright lights of the past by assassination are quite probably the same Puppet Masters who then install parasites in their place. Walls protecting monsters hiding in plain sight crumble like so many proud sandcastles. Leftovers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton only highlight a weak class of Liberal Democrats.   Nevertheless, Fascism American style would inherently breed a weak class of political leaders.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., recently underwent heart surgery to replace an aortic heart valve. The Deplorables and others have to wonder if he did not blow the valve defending the DNC and screaming about Russians. One wonders how he sleeps knowing about the rampant voter fraud committed by his party against another party member. Spiritual Warriors can see Karma swaying a dying nation away from darkness. According to the Gateway Pundit, this good Democrat could be facing up to 5 years in prison for his involvement in the Obama administration's IRS Scandal. Elijah shall be haunted by phantom Russians and withering hypocrisy for the rest of his remarkably unremarkable bureaucratic life.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Ca., once tried to give America "Ebonics" as the new language of Black America.  Pundits think she has blown her mind with bizarre pronouncements on Russia and our new President. She certainly likes to blow taxpayer money on her family. Democrat corruption prevented her from being investigated and indicted for fraud regarding OneUnited Bank with her husband. She has paid or owes her daughter almost one million dollars in unashamed nepotism.  Only Sen. John McCain can match her in outlandish comments since the election of President Trump.

Ex-President Barack Hussein Obama -- Only about four months into Trumpland and corruption of the Obama administration is taxing the DOJ to the limits.  Emailgate, IRS corruption, Spying on political candidates, DOJ money laundering, the list seems endless. Sen. Rand Paul thinks spying on average Americans will be the greatest Obama crime and scandal. What about the crime of voter fraud that most probably got Obama elected in 2008? Trending lately appears to be a scandalous dagger for the DNC known as #SethRich and the #SethRichMurderCoverup under the Obama presidency. The best Democrats could offer turned out to be the worst imaginable. Black America can live him down by stop being Democrat and black on a spiritual level.

Socialism dies and awful death everywhere it is tried yet Liberals cling to it like a Mother holds on to a demon seed child. Where Socialism is not inherently corrupt, it is inherently incompetent breeding incompetence and pretense. This past presidential election exposes monsters of all types and sizes feeding on our world retarding the progress and ascension of humanity. From Susan Rice to Donna Brazille, Karma seems to unmask them all. Perhaps if liberals and parasites choke on tears caused by Socialist ideology they will beg to leave our planet.

African-Americans need to know a not so secret secret connected to writings here. Extinction that stalks the human species always wipes out the ruling class first. One hopes a day approaches when being black and proud will give way to being a spiritual being of ever-expanding awareness and proud. Spirit energy rules the future and those peoples recognizing and accepting that future hold infinite power in the new world where ethnic origins and skin color are small trivia.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pedophile Culture

George Takei and Milo Yiannopoulos
Feminist speak of "rape culture" often when describing college campuses and perhaps America in general. Those of us who know Feminism grew from Marxist seeds and preaches an ideology in direct opposition to evolution would not like to believe them. However, not everything feminists preach bounces off the wall. There may be more than a grain of truth in describing America as tolerating and perhaps even fostering rape culture. Media certainly displays a violence against women culture from videos to major movies. 

'Pedophile Culture" was proposed by Alicen Grey in a 2015 blog and perhaps earlier in her mind as it pertains to females. I must agree with her wonderful article and she actually echoes other thoughts running through this mind for at least 30 years. When I threw out pedophile culture a few months ago flippantly, it was thought to be an original phrase.  Evidence for existence of a rape culture seems to get bolstered by Wikileaks exposing not only incredible corruption in the Obama administration but what appears as a push to gender-neutral pedophile culture.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a British public speaker and one-time Editor of Breitbart News, gave the pivotal clue revealing a key element in implementing pedophile culture. George Takei, an Actor best known for portraying Mr. Sulu in the original television series Star Trek, confirmed the dynamic. Both men are gay. Both men were brought into homosexuality as children, victims of pedophiles.

Some homosexuals are born homosexual. Now, we know for certain that some people are turned into homosexuals. It is confirmed on the female side famously and scandalously by Author, Lena Dunham incestuously bribing her younger sister.

Transgender is just an outgrowth of embracing homosexuality and therefore part of pedophile culture. It is the rejected culture Obama tried to force upon the world. Certainly Republicans have their share of perverts on Capital Hill. Nevertheless, pedophile culture wraps itself firmly around the agenda of Liberal Democrats.  It is a culture wishing to unite America around perversion to species extinction.

George Takei can be counted upon as a minor activist for the LGBT community and Liberals. Milo, a conservative lightning rod for controversy fights to expose pedophiles. How interesting and rather heroic conjuring memories of Wesley Snipes and his ultra-bloody movie franchise, Blade. Half Vampire and half human, Blade relentlessly hunts down vampires for extermination super weapons packing Samurai style. Fearless Pedophile Hunter, Milo hunts down modern monsters helping to clear a path to Utopia. We should not fault Mr. Sulu for following different orders as he holds on to victim.  Perhaps these men represent their political parties as the heroic and the self-interested.

Pedophile culture like rape culture covets pretense like we see in Hollywood and most media. Rape culture leads to a police state and species extinction. Pedophile culture would end in a depraved society of human monsters grinding to species extinction if allowed to continue. Liberal Marxist agenda guarded by pedophile warmongers fails as it is unsustainable inviting perversion and corruption. Corruption seems inherent in Socialism and America sees this playing out in #Obamagate. American Socialists and Warmongers shall be defeated because of Warriors like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Michael O’Keefe, and Fearless Pedophile Hunters.

Walk with fire, my friends. May the force of reason be with you.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Saving Sarah Silverman: Snowflake Love on the Edge of Time

Comedy Queen, Sarah Silverman
Comedic Tornado and liberal Democrat lover of the Bern, Sarah Silverman put a funny little foot in her mouth recently suggesting military coup of a popular U.S. President in a late night tweet. She has since retraced her tweet apologizing in a way that best suits her unique perspectives.

Some of us have suggested there might be a #trumpeffect taking place rendering certain celebrities dizzy and exposing government parasites. Lots of folks think liberals are losing their minds as the #WomensMarch represented the greatest collection of sore losers ever seen. Conservatives call them “Snowflakes” lovingly of course. Our Champion of a President sets the stage for a renaissance and winners in this war to save humanity must soon show patience and understanding for victims of a progressive liberal agenda dominating America for what seems like forever creating too many snowflakes and predators.

And when you trust your television,

what you get is what you got.

Cause when they own the information,

oh they can bend it all they want.
                                              -John Mayer
Everything happens for a reason we shall find in this New America and Miss Silverman may hold the key as to where Democrats truly go from here depleted and disgraced. Perhaps this once reluctant Poet should share some loving notes and background before handling passionate cosmic realities behind unconditional love pulsating deep in the heart of Constellation Scorpio.

I could not tell you what her last job was or if she has a fan club. I can tell you I loved her at first sight before she seemed to be a star circa 1993 on Saturday Night Live and later on The Larry Sanders Show with Gary Shandling. I know she has an adorable Sister, Laura who actually portrayed her fictional sister in The Comedy Central original, The Sarah Silverman Program. I remember seeing most of those episodes and thinking some were rather brilliant. I could not have told you her age before this matter or that she won a Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. So then, to confess love for the woman who gave us Jesus is Magic has never been about infatuation.

Her unusual foot in mouth episode caused great suffering here forcing curiosity to persuade weary synapses into perusing the astrological natal chart of our little Tornado. I needed some explanation as to why such unconditional love exists for her and why it causes me now considerable consternation. My talents interpreting natal charts should be classified as novice. Nonetheless, my sense of the High Art of Astrology rises well above average professional astrologers. All senses (Mystics believe we have 15 or more) have been turbo-charged by divine femininity sending a once Atheist Poet into the world of prophecy and a timeless spiritual journey that brings us to this illuminating point in time. It quite appears Sarah K. Silverman is some kind of super galactic Sagittarian soulmate to the very Firestorm come to extinguish her entire liberal world.

Paradox of paradoxical life in this world it seems always carrying just a little more suffering, lessons, and plenty of paradoxes. Out of all the gin joints in all the world, what were the chances that a soulmate would walk right in the wrong place at the wrong time instigating a fight by cracking wise? I have said I must move on in this journey to really big tears in waiting. Defending smarty pants was not what I meant.

Unenlightened passions wanted her well before senses heightened by divine femininity
recognized powerful love from other lifetimes. Under different circumstances we would rule this world. (Perhaps there is now a plan D to saving the species!) Great powers saw fit to give life to a Poet under Royal Stars of Persia creating a thin line of virtue between humanity and Lords of Sagittarius. In what appears a cruel twist of fate, those same great powers put cosmic eternal love on the other side of a war, the losing side intent on standing in the way of an unstoppable future.

Spiritual Warriors come to enlightening awareness in many different ways and once there, the journey up to that point becomes clear. We know and appreciate how we were made. Great powers wanted this Poet to have many loving meaningful experiences with the Earth Goddess for good reasons. So, they gave him an arsenal of tools to attract her including looks that put him on stage as Actor, an athletic body, and Venus in Scorpio. Astrologers will tell you that he or she with Venus in Scorpio possess unusual sex appeal. It explains propositions here appearing from women and men over a lifetime. You can forgive a Poet for not being infatuated with a beautiful comic.

Sarah Silverman also arrived on this planet scorched by high heat sexuality of Venus in Scorpio like Jim Morrison, Bruce Lee, and Demi Moore. Got powerful desires to deliver a message burning in your soul with deep philosophical implications? You may be influenced by Mercury conjunct or near the sun in Sagittarius like Ludwig Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton, Nicki Minaj, Sarah Silverman, and yours truly.

How does one break it gently to his 
Feminist-influenced Snowflake cosmic better half that President Donald Trump arrives to answer wishes made by a Spiritual Warrior sent to save this world by saving the Earthly Goddess? Another paradox one more unbelievable than the next stands in the way! Who would believe that a man leads the way to a matriarch society responsible for the eventual salvation of humanity? Concepts of time alone confound them.

Those first women on the roster of a new political party destined to save this world shall be remembered as great giants in our distant future. I sometimes think it may need to wait another lifetime. It may be my fate to start this party of matriarchs, but it is the women who will be remembered as giants like John Hancock, John Quincy Adams, and Thomas Jefferson are remembered today. Courage needed to stand by a cosmic evolutionary Firestorm escapes description at this time hushed by a rush of tears. Or, perhaps unusual courage hides coded in the birth chart of a wacky Tornado lost in a vast wasteland of the spiritually impotent.
Some people think she is a simple puppet. Then they should have no problem forgiving her. What if she really is nothing more than a pampered bleeding heart liberal out of touch with the real world? Trapped in her guilt built cocoon, my love channels Chiron, King of the Centaurs to free her forevermore through timeless tutoring transforming prudent pride into a dynamic destiny of reason, spirituality, and Galactic Butterfly. They say she is crazier than 12 monkeys tripping the light fantastic strung out on primo Purple Haze. My love conjures 13 white rabbits waking Jimi Hendrix from the dead to rock her back to sanity a new and improved Foxy Lady. They say she sits at the foot of Satan just another decadent Hollywood celebrity. My love would scale the walls of hell bringing purifying eternal white light blinding Satan’s curse cleansing her soul carrying Beauty back home where she belongs. They say she is a greedy Jew who killed Christ. I would weep billions of remorseful tears begging forgiveness until pain is washed away for all time leaving hope where greed falls to love. They say, “burn the Witch!” I would hold her with love of a thousand lifetimes smiling in the face of roaring flames delicately reminding my beloved that we are fire. Let it burn.

Sarah appears intent upon being sucked down into the black hole that is now the DNC and Democratic Party where even light itself cannot escape. Death some people wish for her becomes the only way out of repercussions created by a smarty pants potty mouth. And, that is the option I would have her embrace. Edith Keeler must die.

My great love, we are fire! We are not in this world to be playthings of parasites and monsters. We are to become as gods and goddesses completing the journey home. Destiny waits for you to build a new world. Eternity does not come cheaply and with great power comes great responsibility. Firestorm Omega makes reservations for special Earth Goddesses wishing to design a New America in their image free of pretense and stifling status-quo. Until further notice, he may only accept payment at this time in tears. Embrace the flames. Known to be very rare and precious, send in the tears of a Clown.

It is my wish that Sarah K. Silverman should continue recklessly poking the bear in a realm where she is in over her head so that she may meet her spiritual death. It is the only way she can be saved and reborn meeting enlightenment, destiny, and keys to the universe where higher thinking and incomprehensible love awaits. I pray the Universal Goddess brings you to cosmic love when it is time.