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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Chasing Liberals Under Scorpio Moon

At the highest level, Moon in Scorpio gives you the ability to transform your own and others lives. You can act as an agent for change, becoming a catalyst for greater growth and awareness. You can help others shift their psychological values. The potential power contained here is enormous.  

We call here for a special posse to ride through the gates of hell on special mission to recover the soul of America. These bodies were never meant to live forever. Many Warriors have lost precious life to expose monsters and a central evil controlling and destroying our world. Tears falling for such men and women cannot fall in vain. There is no amount of pretense the mainstream media and their puppet masters can conjure to unring the bell. A galloping future rides for masters of the status-quo and it cannot be stopped.

Reality seems lost upon the selfie-selfish generation. Are such children ill-prepared for a tomorrow that does not match television and movies? They should not bare all blame for being snowflakes and trolls suffering through spiritually impotent lives. After all, government had a big hand in stealing their souls on both sides of the political spectrum. 

You are likely to have a highly developed ability to sense the emotional undercurrents around you, and prefer dealing with the raw truth at any cost. You have a knack of pinpointing what you, and others, really want or need in a situation - which may be confronting -  but always brings the truth to light 
President Donald Trump assumes command of America blessed by mythic planets in our solar system aligned to bestow cosmic power under a superlative Scorpio Moon. While this does not make our president perfect, he is not a career parasite pandering in a gutter of human misery and corruption. Instead of falling to their knees proclaiming, "we're not worthy", Democrats cling to corruption inciting pity where they do not incite violence.

More monsters expose themselves every other day it seems and they appear not so strangely connected more often then not to Liberal Democrats. While conservative Republicans look better every day, government remains the central problem to all significant world problems. Therefore, the answer to saving humanity is a drastic change in government. An unpaved road to extinction solution and prescribed Matriarch Society accomplishing the job shall not be paved by women, but by men.
You are intrigued by what lies beneath the surface, and your desire to understand the inner most workings of people, governments, and the universe can result in an interest in psychology, espionage or the occult. Your keen perception, insight, and intuition make you appear to be psychic___and perhaps you are.  
--Planets in Signs, by Sky Alexander
We must look to the ancient past to move into a new future. In that ancient past, one does not suppose that the women got together and directed men to the notion of a Mother Goddess. Then and now men must take out the garbage creating a safe clean space where Matriarchs can rule. Reason-guided courage is needed now to inspire courage throughout the nation. Weeding out pretense today grows incredible freedom tomorrow. Where freedom begins, love never ends. Only love gets to touch other worlds living on higher intelligence. Osho doves and tree huggers only have a single piece of the puzzle. Science and government seem to carry disdain for universal laws.

NASA Scientists seem to love the planet, Jupiter.  Boys and girls from the space agency have sent two different space probes over the years to study the largest planet in our solar system. Juno, deep space probe recently discovered a new Jupiter Moon giving the great planet 67 named and unnamed satellites.  Scientists get bored easily and so now give newly discovered moons and planets numbers instead of names. Astrologers were not contacted for the tedious job of naming cosmic bodies though without Astrologers setting the table, Astronomers would be set back thousands of years.

The "Greater Benefic", Jupiter rules Sagittarius in the astrological world where Zodiacs turn like the days of our lives. This Roman God of Thunder is known as Zeus in Greek Mythology.  Jupiter is also known as The Law Giver. It seems only fitting that the Great Benefic should rule stardust powering this once reluctant Poet chosen to shed light on the road to Utopian Society.

Evolutionary changes in humanity can come quickly or slowly. Whether those changes come via information or driven by an event, all evolutionary change is cataclysmic. One supposes we should not be shocked at behavior of Liberals since this past presidential election knowing their world crumbles all around them. 

Spiritual Warriors and all people taking the spiritual journey of eternity know our world and realities are shifting.  Look to power in the stars joining a winning team on sacred journey to a new and better humanity. It only seems awkward at first. Try not to be bothered by growing pains.

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.   
--Sagittarius with Scorpio Moon, Albert Einstein

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  1. The Democrat Party is imploding right before the eyes of a weary world tired of corruption and Socialism. Where do liberals go when their political party vanishes into a puff of smelly smoke?