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Monday, January 30, 2017

Top 8 Ways President Trump May Neuter Mainstream Media

Television News Anchors for ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN
An extraordinary presidential election 2016 exposed American mainstream media ( #MSM) as mostly liberal and extremely dangerous. Liberal Democrat leaders openly planted seeds of hate and violence against our unstoppable 45th President Donald J. Trump with their Neoliberal followers and paid thugs amplified by the MSM.  Along with their MSM partners in crime against humanity, liberal demagogues fanned flames of war with Russia before the general election. After the election again with MSM help, a despicable lame-duck president tried desperately to flip the Electors with more intelligence-insulting Russia narrative. Finally, the now infamous ex-president tried with his Intel agencies to rest or blackmail the presidency away from a president-elect voted in by an overwhelming majority.  

Against incredible odds an American Champion is born. Our new American President takes office an extraordinary man fated to bring on a global renaissance.  Here then are my top 8 ways in which our new President may neuter a dangerous mostly liberal media creating a New America on an epic journey to save our world.

1.     Create regulation preventing foreign ownership of major media of any type.  Call it the New York Times Rule.
2.     Cut the budget in half for the CIA. I sense they are connected to the MSM and can do whatever it is that they do with half the money as we know they could not stop Russia from hacking American secrets. Intel agencies obviously have had too much time and money on their hands for far too long. Bureaucrats are probably scared of the scum.
3.     Treason Trials: Rather like Nuremburg at this point we would expect perhaps with greater spectacle.  Let the trials begin; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN, NBC, perhaps others should see the business end of the Patriot Act along with Intel Chiefs. Or, perhaps Intel Chiefs need to disappear quietly. Actually, Obama needs to face voter fraud investigation and prosecution first.  At any rate, the FCC should revoke a few licenses and our world shall not suffer one bit if an entity like CNN would disappear altogether from virtual cognizance.  Let me remind you that in one of the Wikileaks emails Mrs. Clinton referred to MSM as "our media."  Treason Trials featuring media monsters sends notice.
4.     Create a federal government version of Twitter. Free from censorship of monsters, it can be paid for with the same types of advertisers Twitter uses (or leftover CIA money).  There can also be business accounts that require fees.  Name this new virtual entity Klangers after the idea's mother; Kristen Klang.
5.     Let us take Klangers further and create a federal government television or cable network. We know Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were all censored during the past election. Equivalent government created media could be paid for by taxes on MSM. Los Angles at one time provided Public Access Cable TV where the public could have a free cable TV show of just about whatever they wanted to produce. Requirements were to take a class Time Warner provided for free.  I see this new government-created public media network starting small but growing to stations in every state. Short of creating government-owned public media, most of us under the circumstances would be alright if you nationalized a couple of liberal outlets already in place like CNN, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
6.     Bleeding Hearts Tax: Tax television, film, and all media for each act of violence broadcast.  It should easily pay for Klangers, new public television network, and Trumpcare. The violence is related but have to claim laziness (lingering Obama Effect) here in not providing support. Trust me... I'm not a politician. Furthermore, taxing media for each portrayal of violence against women would truly make our new President a King of Kings!
7.     Humility Tax: To be a celebrity in our world comes with great responsibility.  Stardom gives such people an audience and stages the average American does not own to voice opinions. Stardom requires humility equal to the stardom.  Owners of the system that pays stars quite often strips away humility, integrity, and common sense.  Celebs become spiritually impotent and dangerous to humanity.  You cannot tax pretentious celebrities for being vapid. So then, tax their platforms for contaminating our world with pretense.  Each time a celebrity voices an opinion that can be tied to or against a political party on any media, tax that media venue by virtue of number of employees or some other standard.  Or, media must offer same length of broadcast coverage to an opposing viewpoint whether entertainment or news.
8.     As President Ronald Reagan broke up Ma Bell, President Trump shall break up the Mainstream Media Menace to Society. No good could ever come from Disney buying ESPN. Use the Patriot Act, use uncanny intuition, use words of Malcolm X by any means necessary as a majority of all who voted for Donald Trump would like to see public executions on this matter. Break up the monsters! Neutralize American mainstream media and save our world.

It shall not be easy and you must incorporate safeguards to prevent an evil government from taking advantage of public media networks in the future. Nevertheless, there appears to be a #TrumpEffect taking place in our new world exposing and taking down human road-blocks to a utopian future. 

May the force of reason be with you.

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