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Saturday, May 27, 2017

African-American Leaders Unmasked

Rep. Maxine Waters, ex-pres Obama, and Rep. Elijah Cummings
Contemporary African-American political leaders fall from public grace one by one it seems lately. Whether the debilitating  ailments are physical, incompetence, or corruption scandal, the black community is running out of leaders. It begs a question; is the problem inherent in our race or the political system? My answer would encompass both choices adding color. 

Cannot really remember Republicans having such problems at least not rampant. Dr. Ben Carson currently holds the black American flag for Republicans and I would dare say he and people like Gen. Colin Powell have a different problem than Democrats. Republican Black Americans do not have the umbrella and shield of liberal media. I find it sad and a testament to the times that we have to go back almost 50 years to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X to find true black leaders of merit and integrity whether political or not. Perhaps their murders put all black leaders to follow in line. Being a great African-American leader is perhaps not tolerated.  

Powers shutting out bright lights of the past by assassination are quite probably the same Puppet Masters who then install parasites in their place. Walls protecting monsters hiding in plain sight crumble like so many proud sandcastles. Leftovers like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton only highlight a weak class of Liberal Democrats.   Nevertheless, Fascism American style would inherently breed a weak class of political leaders.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., recently underwent heart surgery to replace an aortic heart valve. The Deplorables and others have to wonder if he did not blow the valve defending the DNC and screaming about Russians. One wonders how he sleeps knowing about the rampant voter fraud committed by his party against another party member. Spiritual Warriors can see Karma swaying a dying nation away from darkness. According to the Gateway Pundit, this good Democrat could be facing up to 5 years in prison for his involvement in the Obama administration's IRS Scandal. Elijah shall be haunted by phantom Russians and withering hypocrisy for the rest of his remarkably unremarkable bureaucratic life.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Ca., once tried to give America "Ebonics" as the new language of Black America.  Pundits think she has blown her mind with bizarre pronouncements on Russia and our new President. She certainly likes to blow taxpayer money on her family. Democrat corruption prevented her from being investigated and indicted for fraud regarding OneUnited Bank with her husband. She has paid or owes her daughter almost one million dollars in unashamed nepotism.  Only Sen. John McCain can match her in outlandish comments since the election of President Trump.

Ex-President Barack Hussein Obama -- Only about four months into Trumpland and corruption of the Obama administration is taxing the DOJ to the limits.  Emailgate, IRS corruption, Spying on political candidates, DOJ money laundering, the list seems endless. Sen. Rand Paul thinks spying on average Americans will be the greatest Obama crime and scandal. What about the crime of voter fraud that most probably got Obama elected in 2008? Trending lately appears to be a scandalous dagger for the DNC known as #SethRich and the #SethRichMurderCoverup under the Obama presidency. The best Democrats could offer turned out to be the worst imaginable. Black America can live him down by stop being Democrat and black on a spiritual level.

Socialism dies and awful death everywhere it is tried yet Liberals cling to it like a Mother holds on to a demon seed child. Where Socialism is not inherently corrupt, it is inherently incompetent breeding incompetence and pretense. This past presidential election exposes monsters of all types and sizes feeding on our world retarding the progress and ascension of humanity. From Susan Rice to Donna Brazille, Karma seems to unmask them all. Perhaps if liberals and parasites choke on tears caused by Socialist ideology they will beg to leave our planet.

African-Americans need to know a not so secret secret connected to writings here. Extinction that stalks the human species always wipes out the ruling class first. One hopes a day approaches when being black and proud will give way to being a spiritual being of ever-expanding awareness and proud. Spirit energy rules the future and those peoples recognizing and accepting that future hold infinite power in the new world where ethnic origins and skin color are small trivia.

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  1. Where have all the African-American leaders with integrity gone? Were they ever really there at all? Betters schools might produce better people... just a thought... better government too.